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I hope you remember my Fortune article earlier this month calling for the United States to consider seriously its 40-year old experiment in promoting closer engagement with China for the purpose of helping it integrate into the so-called “world community.”

Two days ago, The Wall Street Journal published a news analysis arguing that China is increasingly unhappy with its own engagement with the United States, too.

Honestly, I didn’t see too much evidence of this supposedly new Chinese attitude. The few examples offered up, in fact, seemed to reveal a continuation of Beijing’s longstanding and entirely justified belief that Washington is determined to preserve the relationship at just about any cost, and that China, therefore, can pursue a policy of taking much more than giving.

At the same time, it’s intriguing that author Andrew Browne detected more interest in the U.S. government and policy establishment in disengagement. I’m not convinced of this, either, but it could be cause for some (mild) encouragement that U.S. leaders are finally starting to awaken to the China challenge.