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Thanks to the interest in President Obama’s trip to China for a region-wide economic summit, and bilateral meetings with the leaders of China and other countries, it’s been a busy media week for me so far.

Earlier today, I taped a radio interview on U.S.-China trade relations with the BBC.  You can listen here.  Of special interest, the other guest on the  the show, Siva Yam of the Chicago-based USA-China Commerce of Commerce, wound up parroting just about every outdated myth still being spread about the nature of commerce between the two countries.  What you’ll hear is about 10 minutes worth of excerpts from a 25-minute taping.

Also, I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be back on WATR-AM (Waterbury, Connecticut) radio tomorrow at 11:10 AM EST talking about the results of the President’s trip.  You can listen live here.

Finally, I’m just as pleased to announce a return appearance at Reuters Global Markets Forum tomorrow as well.  Join us at 2 PM EST for a half-hour chat session on the Asia trip and America’s broader strategy toward the region here.  But please give yourself a few minutes to sign in!