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Number of U.S. House Districts: 436

Number of House Districts in which U.S.-China trade has created net new jobs since China’s 2001 WTO entry: 1

Number of U.S. Senators: 100

Number of U.S. Senators whose states have seen net new jobs from U.S.-China trade since China’s 2001 WTO entry: 0

(Source: “U.S.-China Trade Deficits Cost Millions of Jobs, with Losses in Every State and in All but One Congressional District,” by Robert E. Scott, Trade and Globalization, Economic Snapshot, Economic Policy Institute, December 18, 2014, http://www.epi.org/publication/u-s-china-trade-deficits-cost-millions-of-jobs-with-losses-in-every-state-and-in-all-but-one-congressional-district/0)