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I’m pleased to report that a lengthy interview I recently did with the cable business news series International Investor is now on line.  The subject is the President Obama’s proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and his trade policy agenda in general.  Click on this link to watch.

Also, on March 8, a tweet of mine on the (negligible) political impact of a new U.S. trade law action against Chinese steel dumping was featured in IndustryWeek‘s coverage of the subject.

On March 6, the Dayton (Ohio) Daily News quoted me criticizing the offshoring lobby’s habit of touting the effect of trade agreements on the exports of individual states, but never discussing the imports.

And on February 25, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette featured my take on a new study claiming that America’s manufacturers are facing a mammoth shortage of skilled workers – even though wages in capital- and technology-intensive manufacturing are going nowhere at best.  The Post-Gazette piece was reprinted in the Albany (New York) Times Union and on a leading website for the printed circuit board industry.

Keep checking in with RealityChek for new reports on such media appearances!