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Things just get busier and busier!  As promised, here’s the podcast of my Wednesday night appearance on John Batchelor’s nationally syndicated radio show. This segment starts at the top of the 10 PM hour.

I was especially pleased that John and co-host Gordon Chang gave me the chance to explain the main reason (as I see it) to oppose both the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal and granting President Obama sweeping authority to conclude it.  They’re the latest examples of American delusions of negotiating away the hidden regulatory and other what are called “non-tariff trade barriers” that keep so many Pacific Rim economies closed to U.S. exports, and that keep artificially juicing their exports to the United States.  Currency manipulation is only one example.  And the continuing power of these delusions continues to worsen America’s trade deficits and slowing its already feeble recovery.

I’m also pleased to announce that yesterday, Marketwatch.com published my latest op-ed – a column showing that the president’s portrayal of TPP’s economics is totally backwards, and describing the role and impact of these hidden foreign trade barriers in a little more detail.  Here’s the link.