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I’m pleased to announce that The Hill newspaper, which specializes in covering Congress, has just posted a new article of mine presenting the evidence that keeping the text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement tightly guarded isn’t the only trade-related cover-up being conducted by the President Obama.  The administration has also buried deep within the Commerce Department website state-level data on imports – even as it publishes and publicizes studies that only report state-level data on exports.  And even as such cherry-picked figures have become mainstays of its own campaign in favor of new trade deals and trade negotiating authority, and the lobbying of offshoring multinational business interests.

As made clear in the article, the import data shows that most individual states have been running high and rising trade deficits during the current recovery – which means that trade flows have been undercutting their growth and job creation, not strengthening it.  In addition, the article IDs many of the leading Senators and House Members whose support for current trade strategies means that they’re voting against their state’s economic interests.