How the time does fly!  Today is the first anniversary of my first substantive blog here on RealityChek.  I’d put up a short introductory post the day before. But the rubber really hit the road with last June 3’s offering on how America’s Big Box retailers were starting to feel the pain of the job offshoring they’d encouraged for so long — which turned out to involve firing and driving down the wages of much of their customer base.

It’s been a great experience so far, and you readers have been such a big part of it. I’m very grateful to everyone who has dropped by to sample the wares here, and even more appreciative of those who have become followers, regulars, and semi-regulars.

Your comments and questions have been particularly valued. I know that I’ve struggled to respond promptly to all of them, but it’s been challenging keeping up with the correspondence while trying to post two items per weekday – and more often than not succeeding! Obviously there’s room for improvement on this front, but I hope you agree with my decision to prioritize researching and writing up original content.

There’s also obviously room for improvement on the tech front, and in that vein, I’m pleased to report that my new position on the Henry George School board of trustees is soon likely to bring along some badly needed assistance in that vein. So please be a little more patient with RealityChek’s technological primitiveness and spartan – at best! – aesthetic.

In the meantime, I hope you’ll spread the word about the blog, and I’ll keep doing my best to deliver the best available analysis and information on a wide range of policy topics. Here’s to a great second year for all of us!