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I’m pleased to present a new podcast and news of other recent media appearances.

First, click on this link to listen to my interview last night with Houston, Texas’ Pacifica radio outlet KPFT-FM.  It covered Congress’ big fight over handing President Obama sweeping new authority to negotiate trade deals.  Choose June 15 for your date, scroll down to the entry for “The Monitor” at 7 PM, and press Play or Download.

Second, I did a short spot this morning on the same subject with Waterbury, Connecticut’s WATR-AM.  Unfortunately, the station doesn’t post podcasts yet. Hopefully soon!

It was great to be quoted by former Wall Street Journal reporter Simon Constable in this new article on the trade debate on TheStreet.com.

And I was equally pleased to see Marketwatch.com’s Greg Robb report my finding on the technical recession into which American manufacturing has just fallen.