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I’m pleased to report a few more media appearances – along with the (re)discovery of a speech I gave more than ten years ago that warned that the U.S. economy was becoming dangerously bubble-ized. Nearly as striking as my predictions were the reactions of the Mainstream Media moderator of the event.

But first the press hits. I just saw that my latest finding of a new monthly record American manufacturing trade deficit was picked up November 5 by the Manufacturing.Net news site. Here’s the link.

On Monday, December 14, I was interviewed by the BBC on the round of World Trade Organization talks that took place in Nairobi, Kenya last week. The resulting segment isn’t in easily linked form, but if you send me a request, I can email you a short podcast featuring the perspective I offered.

And yesterday, a Dayton Daily News piece on manufacturing in Ohio featured some information I provided exclusively to the reporter. Click here to read it.

As for that speech, you can see the video at this link. It shows that I was fretting about the American economy’s dangerous over-reliance on debt-led growth as early as March, 2004, and also presents an early version of my argument that Washington’s offshoring-focused trade policies were at the heart of the problem.

But also fascinating is the skepticism of PBS’ Paul Solman. He couldn’t imagine for the life of him why Americans spending much more than they earned could lead to anything but the best of all possible worlds – and that whatever comeuppance the nation would receive would be eminently bearable. And that wasn’t the only one of his howlers by any means!

And don’t despair! Even though the entire video is nearly an hour and a half long, the first half hour or so contains most of the highlights.