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I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be appearing tonight on John Batchelor’s nationally syndicated radio show to discuss the dramatic changes currently underway in U.S. economic and security relations with East Asia. Join John, co-host Gordon Chang, and me starting at 10:30 PM EST for what’s sure to be a lively discussion of:

>this week’s summit among President Obama and his Southeast Asian counterparts;

>China’s new challenges to American security interests in Asia; and

>U.S. trade with the region’s protectionist economies.

Click here to listen live. And as usual, for those who can’t tune in tonight, I’ll post a podcast of the segment as soon as it’s available.

For a preview of the broadcast, check out Gordon’s latest column for Forbes.com — which presents some of my views on U.S. trade with Southeast Asia.

I’m also pleased to have been quoted by Matt LaWell in IndustryWeek in his write-up of today’s Federal Reserve industrial production figures.