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I’m pleased to announce that I’m scheduled to appear on two radio shows today to discuss subjects ranging from the economy and the presidential election to Chinese investment in the United States.

This morning, I’m slated to do a segment on “Talk of the Town,” on Waterbury, Connecticut’s WATR-AM.  Host Larry Rifkin and I will be focusing on how the unpopularity of U.S. trade policy with many voters is shaping this year’s race to the White House in both major parties.  We’re slated to begin at 10:40 AM EST; click on this link to listen live on-line.

Do you think that allowing China to establish an ever larger footprint in the U.S. economy strengthens or weakens America’s prosperity and security?  I’ll be talking about surging Chinese purchases of U.S. assets on John Batchelor’s nationally syndicated radio show at 9 PM EST tonight.  You can listen live on-line at this link.

WATR does not, to my knowledge, post podcasts, but as usual, I will put up the Batchelor podcast as soon as it’s available.