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I’m pleased to announce that it’s been a busy media week!  Let’s start with the latest development and work our way back.

This morning, Lifezette.com published my latest outside article.  It’s a detailed look at how Washington’s misguided decision to press for China’s admission into the World Trade Organization in 2001 wound up backfiring disastrously on the American steel industry and its workers, and could slam many other advanced manufacturing sectors.  Here’s the link.

To look more closely at the article’s findings, Lifezette founding editor Laura Ingraham interviewed me on her nationally syndicated radio show this morning.  Here’s the link to the podcast.   My segment starts at about the 55-minute mark, and I get introduced at about the 59-minute mark.

Laura and I also discussed how such disastrous trade decisions have decimated upstate New York State — which of course is the scene these days of heated presidential primary battles involving long-time trade policy critics Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders.  And yesterday Lifezette’s coverage of the primary quoted some of my views.  Check it out at this link.

On April 1, IndustryWeek’s coverage of the new March U.S. jobs report featured my analysis of the big losses suffered in manufacturing.  Here’s the link.

That day, Brendan Kirby of Lifezette also spotlighted my same-day report on the manufacturing jobs numbers.  His article is available at this link.

On March 31, the Washington Post’s obituary of noted economist Lester Thurow presented an excerpt from a review I wrote for one of Thurow’s last books.  Click on this link to see it.

On March 30, I appeared on the Ingraham show with guest host Paul Viollis.  Click here for the podcast of our discussion of U.S.-China economic and security relations.

Also, on March 30, I appeared on the Ray Horner Morning Show, on Akron, Ohio’s WAKR-AM radio to talk trade, jobs, and the presidential campaign.  Unfortunately, no podcast is available.

Keep checking RealityChek for ongoing news of upcoming media appearances and other events!