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I’m pleased to report that this morning, Lifezette.com posted my latest op-ed article.  It takes a close look at Indiana’s economy and explains that, if trade issues are crucial to Hoosier state voters, the contest tomorrow could doom Texas Senator Ted Cruz’ remaining hopes for the Republican presidential nomination and hand the crown to front-runner Donald Trump.  Here’s the link.

Also, at 11:10 AM EST today, I’ll be back on “Talk of the Town” – Larry Rifkin’s popular show on WATR-AM radio in Waterbury, Connecticut.  Our subject today will be trade and the presidential election, and you can listen live at this link.

In addition, it was great to be quoted last week in Peter Coy’s piece in BusinessWeek pointing out that Alexander Hamilton isn’t just the subject of a mega-hit Broadway musical.  He was the Founding Father who arguably deserves the most credit for America’s development into an economic superpower.  Read the piece at this link.

Finally, the late MIT professor Lester Thurow was long one of modern America’s leading voices on domestic and global economic issues.  His obituary in the Washington Post in late March quoted from a review I published in the Post of his last book.  You can read the obit at this link, and the review here.