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I’m pleased to report that the Lifezette.com website has just posted my latest op-ed, which explains why folks who insist that U.S. trade deficits are meaningless — at best — just don’t know their economics (or don’t want to know?).  Click here to access the article, which details the unaffordable costs exacted on the American economy by the huge and surging trade shortfall.

In addition, it was gratifying to be quoted by Newsweek‘s Bill Powell in his June 13 article asking “Are Free Trade Deals Bad for America” — although I do believe that he gave short shrift to those, like me, who would answer “Yes.”  Judge for yourself by clicking this link.

Finally, on June 10, the Akron Beacon Journal‘s Jim MacKinnon wrote up my recent blog post on the Ohio city’s manufacturing scene — which noted that a recent study of its prospects clashes loudly with the most authoritative economic data so far.  Here’s the link.

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