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I’m pleased to announce three more appearances in major news outlets in the last few days.

Last Friday, as the fallout of the United Kingdom’s Brexit vote was spreading, IndustryWeek published a key excerpt from my RealityChek post that morning outlining some initial thoughts on the post-Brexit world.  Click on this link to read it.

Also last Friday, my views were featured in a Lifezette.com post on a new study claiming that Donald Trump’s election as president would be economically disastrous for America.  Here’s the link.

And on June 16, the Zacks.com finance website spotlighted a tweet of mine on bizarre comments from Alibaba CEO Jack Ma on the outstanding quality of the counterfeit goods so easily available at the e-commerce platform.  You can read it at this link.

Keep checking back at RealityChek for more news on recent and upcoming media and related appearances!