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I’m pleased to announce three more appearances in major news outlets in the last few days.

On Tuesday, an article in the manufacturing trade publication Tire Business featured my views on the economic impact of the British vote to leave the European Union.  Click on this link to read  it.

Rick Newman’s June 29 Yahoo News article purporting to show “What Donald Trump gets wrong about NAFTA” was largely based on a lengthy interview with me.  As a result, as you can see here, his piece wound up describing a great deal that the presumptive Republican presidential nominee gets right on trade policy.

Also on June 29, a Lifezette.com post presented my views on the state of the Trump campaign, and my argument that the candidate could win the White House if he keeps focused on substantive issues like the economy.  Here’s the link.

Keep checking back at RealityChek for more news on recent and upcoming media and related appearances!