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I’m pleased to announce that I will be appearing on “Talk of the Town,” on Waterbury, Connecticut’s WATR-AM radio tomorrow at 11:10 AM EST to discuss the Trump administration and the economy. You can listen live at this link, and I’ll post a podcast of the segment as soon as one is available.

Also, on top of recent appearances on CNBC and the John Batchelor Show, it’s been great to have been interviewed on this and related subjects by numerous journalists over the last few weeks on this and related topics. Here’s an update, in reverse chronological order:

>Click on these links to see two November 11 articles in Fortune and The Christian Science Monitor containing some of my views on new directions U.S. trade policy might take during the Trump years.

>On November 4, Facebook friend and Plastics Today contributor Clare Goldsberry cited some of my research in a pre-election column on many of the daunting problems facing America’s economy.

>That same day, Lifezette.com‘s look at the latest monthly U.S. employment data featured highlights from my own report on the subject.

>On October 31, Lifezette ran a brief contribution of mine on the state of the economy on the eve of the election.

>On October 28, the Akron Beacon Journal‘s piece on the politics of trade in the key swing state of Ohio quoted me on trade’s impact on the state economy. By the way, I suspect the author would want to rewrite that headline if he could!

>On October 26, Lifezette spotlighted my views on the muddle made of trade policy by Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

>On October 16, a Washington Times op-ed on trade policy by key Trump advisers Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama and Peter Navarro referenced my observation that corporate funded think tanks engage in the practice of “laundering” the ideas of their paymaster to make them look respectable.

>And on October 12, The New Yorker‘s Adam Davidson portrayed me as one of the (presumably unqualified) non-economists who share many of Mr. Trump’s views on trade. (I reacted, as you may recall, with this post the following day.

Keep checking in with RealityChek for more updates on news appearances and similar events. I can promise you they’ll be coming!