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I’m pleased to announce the appearance on-line of a new documentary on Dutch public television that deals with trade and globalization issues, and features some extensive excerpts of an interview with me on these subjects.

Click on this link to access the show.  Even though it’s a Dutch production, much of the program is in English (with Dutch subtitles) – especially lengthy segments filmed in China that are absolutely fascinating examinations of Chinese factories and workers, and well worth your while.

Just FYI, my own appearances (in English, too) come at the following minute:second points in the 40-minute program:

7:30  11:30  13:30  14:20  34:50  35:50

But as suggested, I enthusiastically recommend the entire production, and hope you find it as informative to watch as I found it enjoyable to lend a hand.

And keep checking in at RealityChek for ongoing news of upcoming media appearances and other events.