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I’m pleased to announce the appearance of my newest article published outside RealityCheka piece for Lifezette.com on the U.S.-China trade conflict that could break out over the automotive sector. Click on the link to find out why autos are an unusual focus for an early Trump administration China trade offensive, but also why it could signal that the current, offshoring-dominated phase of U.S. trade policy could be coming to an end.

In addition, a podcast is now up of my recent interview with Larry Rifkin about what the Trump victory in November portends for U.S. trade policy. Larry is the former host of a long-running talk show on Waterbury, Connecticut’s WATR-AM and one of my favorite broadcast journalists. I was thrilled to find out that he’s come out of a short-lived retirement to start a new venture – America-Trends.com – that will give him much more freedom to explore his passions (like globalization!) in greater depth. I hope you’ll visit Larry’s site to investigate other samples of his work.

Yesterday, Lifezette quoted my views in this news report about a possible China-Mexico team-up on auto trade and manufacturing issues that looks focused on leaving America out in the cold.

On March 26, the Cato Institute’s Ted Galen Carpenter cited some research of mine in a National Interest post on the recent dust-up over whether Germany is contributing its rightful share to the defense of the West and specifically to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

And on March 25, one of America’s leading authorities on immigration, Norman Matloff, gave me and RealityChek a wonderful shout-out on his Upon Closer Inspection blog. Alert RealityChek readers will note that Norm’s blog is on my recommended list, and he really is a must-read on all immigration issues.

Also, keep checking back with RealityChek for news of recent and upcoming media appearances and other events.