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I’m pleased to announce that the video is on-line of my interview yesterday on CNBC on the possibility of Trump administration steel and aluminum tariffs. Click here to see the segment, which includes the teachable moment in which I inform anchors Kelly Evans and Bill Griffeth that much and maybe most of the trade taking place around the world isn’t free.

Also, late last year, I had the fascinating experience of some reverse role-playing – conducting an interview for the Henry George School of Social Science with an exceptionally insightful thinker on economics, finance, and politics:  Edward Harrison.  Our subject?  Edward’s argument that the recent populist wave in the United States and Europe largely stems from public anger over the worsening crony capitalism and related growth of monopolies and oligopolies on both sides of the Atlantic.  Here’s the link.

It’s also great to report that Edward recently joined me on the Board of Trustees of the Henry George School. We’re starting to come out with a series of exceptionally interesting books, studies, and hold compelling conferences, seminars, and similar events. In fact, it’s likely I’ll be conducting some more interviews in the School’s SmartTalk series. So if you’re interesting in exciting new thinking about economics, finance, and their relationships, make the hgsss.org website one of your regular surfing destinations! Ditto for Edward’s own site: Credit Writedowns.