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I’m pleased to report that, thanks largely (but not entirely) to the firestorm set off by President Trump’s announcement of steel and aluminum tariffs, it’s been a busy media period recently.

At the crack of dawn (literally!) this morning, I was interviewed on the subject on “Morano in the Morning” on New York City’s AM 970 The Answer. Here’s the podcast.  My segment begins at just before the 16-minute mark.

Speaking of podcasts, here’s the one of my appearance on John Batchelor’s nationally syndicated radio show last Wednesday. The subject, as you may recall, was the prospect of foreign interests taking over one of America’s leading semiconductor manufacturers – Qualcomm.

In addition, in a March 2 FoxNews.com post, Batchelor Show co-host Gordon G. Chang quoted in more detail my views on this proposed deal and the broader subject of foreign takeovers of key defense-related American economic assets. Here’s the link.

Also on March 2, The Christian Science Monitor featured my views on the Trump tariffs in this lengthy news analysis.

In addition, on that day, Lifezette.com‘s coverage of the tariffs included my views at length.

The day before, Plastics News highlighted my analysis of the latest U.S. manufacturing trade figures in this post.

On February 19, in another FoxNews.com post, Gordon presented my views on another proposed Chinese takeover of an important American asset – this time, an entire stock exchange!  Here’s the link.

And keep checking in with RealityChek for news of upcoming media appearances and other developments.