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I’m pleased to announce that a new op-ed of mine was published yesterday – a post on the website of the foreign policy journal The National Interest on some of the more fundamental issues raised by the Trump administration’s tariffs on steel and aluminum imports. Click here to read my argument that the uproar over the levies reveals a major disagreement tension between the ideal of free trade and the ideal of free markets.

In addition, I’m scheduled to reappear on John Batchelor’s nationally syndicated radio show tonight on the Trump administration’s decision to block a foreign takeover of the U.S. semiconductor company Qualcomm. The segment is slated to begin at 10:15 PM EST, and you can listen live at this link. As usual, I’ll post a link to the podcast as soon as one’s available.

And I just found out that on March 8, Ted Evanoff of the Memphis (Tennessee) Commercial Appeal quoted me in a piece on the economic impact of the Trump tariffs. Ted is one of the country’s best manufacturing reporters, and his 2010 book At the Crossroads is a superb history of the modern American automobile industry and why its fortunes sank so sharply through the outbreak of the financial crisis. So I’m always flattered to know that he’s keeping up with my work.

And keep checking in with RealityChek for news of upcoming media appearances and other developments.