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I’m pleased to report several recent media appearances.

Last night, I was interviewed on Israel’s i24News TV network on what could be the decisive stage in negotiations between the European Union and the United Kingdom over Brexit – the latter’s decision to leave the former.  Unfortunately, i24News doesn’t make streaming videos of its content available gratis.

Yesterday morning, I appeared on The Joe Piscopo Show on New York City’s AM 970 The Answer radio.  Since I only found out about this opportunity in the wee hours that morning (don’t ask!) I couldn’t send out a pre-program alert, but a podcast is available here.

Scroll down to the link naming me, click the play button, and if you want to skip to my segment, drag the thingamajig along the bottom to the 40-minute mark.  You’ll hear a discussion that ranged from the stock market’s recent gyrations to the new U.S.-Mexico-Canada [Trade] Agreement to the troubles of American retailers.

And on Thursday, October 11, Breitbart.com featured my finding that metals-using industries in the United States were defying all expectations that they’d start hemorrhaging jobs due to the Trump steel and aluminum tariffs – not to mention refuting numerous news reports claiming that these jobs were already being shed.

And keep checking in with RealityChek for news of upcoming media appearances and other developments.