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Anyone doubting the political and moral genius of President Trump’s so-called threat to transport the migrants flooding the U.S. border to sanctuary jurisdictions throughout the country simply lacks a grip on politics and crucial aspects of morals. At the same time, the President has been missing a potentially crucial opportunity to gain the upper hand (both politically and morally) for good on intertwined immigration and border security issues via the sanctuary jurisdiction angle.

The expressed outrage of many sanctuary jurisdiction leaders at Mr. Trump’s proposal to drop the migrants off within their bounds could not be a more classic case of failing to put one’s money where one’s mouth is. Suddenly, cities and counties and states that have been harping for years at how welcoming the United States historically has been and should be, and advertising how welcoming and therefore signaling how virtuous their welcoming policies have been, seem to have decided that their hospitality and generosity are limited after all.

Further, as numerous immigration-realist commentators have noted, after just as many years of portraying sanctuary policies as not only the height of morality but the height of self-interest – because of all the contributions illegal aliens make to their economies and their cultures – the sanctuary leaders and their fellow Open Borders backers in Congress and the Mainstream Media are now singing a different tune. They’re condemning as especially shameful partisanship measures that could greatly increase these populations.

In fact, the Open Borders types’ reactions to this latest Trump position are simply the latest example of one of their defining characteristics. As I’ve been writing, they’ve long been pushing immigration policies that shower them with outsized benefits and display no interest whatever in paying a proportionate share of the costs.

And this observation brings us to where the President needs to administer a genuine coup de grace. Predictably, some of the debate over his statements to date have revolved around supposed legal and policy issues. According to the above-linked Washington Post article, even Mr. Trump’s own Department of Homeland Security argued that his sanctuary jurisdictions plan would violate the law. But in both political and moral terms, such considerations should be completely beside the point – and deserve to be pilloried as either clueless or cynical distractions.

For if the sanctuary and Open Borders enthusiasts are so convinced of the righteousness of their cause, they not only shouldn’t allow such considerations to keep the President from putting this policy into effect – much less retreat behind them. They should be volunteering to get the ball rolling, offering all the resources at their command – and should have been out in front since the unprecedented scale and makeup of recent migrant flows first become clear.  President Trump, for his part, should have been shaming them into action all the while – and shouldn’t wait a minute longer to start turning these tables on them. 

Moreover, even in sanctuary jurisdictions whose leaders are – verbally, anyway – putting their (taxpayers’) money where their mouths are, an intensified Trump strategy will speak volumes about the loonie-ness of indiscriminately indulgent immigration policies.  Efforts to cope with constant streams of low-skilled, poorly educated newcomers should make for an equally constant stream of head-shaking media reports.  Jurisdictions with large numbers of homeless Americans (like those all along the West Coast) would be in for especially, but justifiably, humiliating coverage.

From time to time, the President has depicted Open Borders and sanctuary positions as boons for the nation’s elites at the expense of middle- and lower-income Americans. The uproar over his new sanctuary proposal is a golden opportunity to turn this insight into one of mos consistent themes – and into a thumpingly winning campaign issue in 2020.