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I’m pleased to announce that two podcasts of interviews last Friday are now on-line.

The first is an appearance on Frank Morano’s Morano Whenever podcast recorded Thursday afternoon.  Frank has interviewed me before on his early Sunday morning talk show on New York City’s AM 97 The Answer station.  But in contrast to those relatively brief segments, this interview went on for more than an hour and covered topics ranging from the U.S.-China trade conflict to New York Yankee baseball to my own personal experience as a stutterer (about which you can read a bit more here).  And it was all the more fun because we did the program in studio!

I hope you find it as enjoyable to listen to as I found expounding on these subjects.  Here’s the link.

That evening, I returned to the U.S.-Israeli TV network i24News program Clearcut to help provide an update to the Sino-American trade war and preview the summit between President Trump and Chinese dictator Xi Jinping that took place in Japan yesterday.  Click on this link and press the download button to watch.

For the record, I was correct in predicting that the meeting would end in an agreement to resume talks officially, but with no timetables set for progress on any of the issues at stake.  But I was wrong in predicting that no progress would be announced on any individual issues.  (I analyzed the actual results in yesterday’s post.)

My fellow panelist, Mitch Roschelle, from the global consulting firm PwC, was wrong in predicting that timetables would be agreed to.  But he was right in anticipating that the two leaders would agree to more simply to begin talking again.

Finally, on Friday, I appeared on the Newsmax TV program Liquid Lunch to talk about the trade war and the Trump-Xi summit.  No word on a podcast yet, but I’ll post one ASAP if one becomes available.

And keep checking in with RealityChek for news of upcoming media appearances and other developments.