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I’m pleased to announce that just out on-line are two podcasts of national radio interviews on the Trump trade wars and a video on an especially startling aspect of Amazon.com’s stunning rise to business titan status.

The latest interview now available was conducted last night on “Breitbart News Tonight” and can be found at this link.  Once you’re there, scroll down a fair ways till you see my name on a December 6 segment – a discussion with hosts Rebecca Mansour and Rick Manning that ranged from the last (excellent) U.S. jobs report to the Hong Kong protests to the intensifying presidential election campaign.

The previous interview was broadcast Wednesday night on “The John Batchelor Show.”  Click here to listen to a conversation with John and co-host Gordon G. Chang on how well the U.S. manufacturing sector is faring as President Trump keeps trying to revamp U.S. trade policy.

The video shows me reversing roles and interviewing economist Robin Gaster on the implications of Amazon.com’s efforts to disrupt yet another major U.S. industry, and one playing an especially important role in American culture – the book publishing industry.  Click here to watch, and keep in mind that the interview is posted in two parts.

Incidentally, this interview is the latest in the “Smart Talk” series sponsored by the Henry George School of Social Science – a New York City-based economic research and education institute on whose Board I’ve served as a Trustee for several years.  “Smart Talk” has featured some of the world’s leading economic thinkers, and if you search around its section on the website, I’m sure you’ll find some fascinating and important material.

And keep checking in with RealityChek for news of upcoming media appearances and other developments.