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I’m pleased to announce that a podcast interview focusing on my views on trade, globalization, and the U.S. economy went on-line yesterday.  The interview, conducted by veteran talk radio show host Larry Rifkin for his America Trends Podcast, was conducted in late January, so the CCP Virus was just becoming a headline issue.  But I think you’ll agree that the analysis of major problems with U.S. trade policy, why they’ve emerged, and how to handle the China challenge, have held up well.  Here’s the link.

In addition, today, I recorded an interview for John Batchelor’s nationally syndicated radio show for broadcast tonight.  The segment deals with the Trump administration’s announced renewed determination to bring U.S.-owned manufacturing and its supply chains out of China, and also features co-host Gordon G. Chang.

Normally, John’s shows are broadcast live, but virus conditions have prevented easy access to his New York City studio.  I don’t know exacty when my segment will air, but you can listen to the entire show on-line starting at 9 PM EST at this link.  As usual, moreover, I’ll post a link to the podcast as soon as one’s available.

And keep checking in with RealityChek for news of upcoming media appearances and other developments.