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Time to catch up with the updates on recent media appearances – in reverse chronological order!

It was great to return this past Wednesday to Moe Ansari’s nationally syndicated “Market Wrap” radio program. Click here for the podcast of an exceptionally wide-ranging segment covering topics from the recent summit meeting of the world’s leading economies to the future of the Iran nuclear deal.

On June 16, leading China policy analyst Gordon Chang quoted me in an op-ed for The Epoch Times explaining how some features of President Biden’s economic proposals might backfire and promote employment in China, not the United States. Here’s the link.

On June 15, the Seattle Times‘ Dominic Gates featured my views in his coverage of the recent settlement of a long-running trade dispute between Europe’s Airbus and America’s Boeing. Incidentally, if there’s a U.S. journalist more knowledgeable than Dominic about the aerospace industry, I’ve never met him or her. So it was especially flattering that he sought out my perspective. Click here to read. In addition, the article was widely distributed throughout the country via the Tribune News Service syndicate.

On June 10, Chang again highlighted some of my opinions – this time in an op-ed for The Hill some of my thoughts on using U.S. trade policy more effectively to help foster prosperity in Central America and thereby stem the flow of migrants, and why previous such efforts have failed. Here’s the link.

Finally, on June 2, IndustryToday.com re-posted (with permission!) my RealityChek essay arguing that, despite numerous alarm bells, wage inflation overall in the United States seems pretty unexceptional. Click here to read.

And keep checking in with RealityChek for news of upcoming media appearances and other developments.