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I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be participating this Friday and Saturday in a fascinating conference on the future of the American economy – including the political trends that will help shape it. In fact, the event, convened by the Delaware-based Intercollegiate Studies Institute, is titled “The Future of American Political Economy Conference.”

Click here and scroll down, you’ll see that the list of speakers in impressive indeed, including Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio, Hillbilly Elegy author and Ohio Senate candidate J.D. Vance, former Trump Attorney General and U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions, and leading conservative populist thinkers Oren Cass and Julius Krein.

My session, focusing on U.S.-China relations, starts promptly at 8:40 AM on Saturday, so I can easily forgive those who’d rather sleep in than tune in to the livestream. Here’s hoping that a video will be posted on-line before long. But I’m sure you’ll find the rest of the event well worth your while in real time, and you can sign up via the link at the bottom of the web page mentioned above.

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