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I’m pleased to announce that I’m scheduled to return to John Batchelor’s nationally syndicated radio show tonight. In fact, I’m especially pleased to announce this because for a change I have enough notice to give RealityChek readers a heads up!

The conversation – which will include co-host Gordon G. Chang – will cover headline subjects like whether U.S. tariffs on China are still working, why Wall Street has been channeling ever more enormous amounts of capital from abroad in China’s state-controlled economy, and where the global supply chain crisis stands.

As usual, I don’t know when exactly the segment will air, but John’s show is on nightly from 9 AM to I PM, and you can listen live at this link. P.S. John’s other interviews are likely to be must-listening, too. Further, if you can’t tune in, I’ll be posting a link to the podcast as soon as one’s available.

And keep checking in with RealityChek for news of upcoming media appearances and other developments.