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I’m pleased to announce that the podcast of my latest radio appearance is now on-line. Click here to listen to a wide-ranging conversation last Friday between me and WAKR-AM (Akron, Ohio)’s Ray Horner.  The subjects: President Biden’s suggestion that he might unilaterally lift some of the Trump administration’s tariffs on imports from China in order to fight inflation; China’s recent devaluation of its currency; and the chances that the U.S. economy will tip into recession.

In addition, it was great to be quoted on Mr. Biden’s China trade policy in Gordon G. Chang’s May 11 op-ed for The Hill. Here’s the link.

Finally, IndustryToday.com reprinted (with permission!) two recent posts of mine – on why cutting the China tariffs is such a lousy idea (on May 10) , and on the latest (strong) official U.S. manufacturing jobs figures (on May 9).

And keep checking in with RealityChek for news of upcoming media appearances and other developments.