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Since I’ve always been concerned about protecting my privacy since starting RealityChek and becoming active on social media, I’ve been content to let my sites go more or less dark during periods when personal and/or professional obligations prevent me from posting or tweeting or whatever. But I realize that the result of leaving readers and followers more or less in the dark during these periods could fairly be seen as inconsiderate.

So I’m writing today (briefly!) to confirm that I have been in one of those periods since the middle of this past week, and will probably be unable to put up much if any material of genuine substance till the end of this coming week. As some of you who engage with me on Facebook and Twitter know, I have been able to make some brief entries on those sites. But my activity will be pretty much limited to remarks of that nature for several days more. So thanks for your patience, and I’m sure to be back to my normal routine in a little over a week. And I’ll do a better job of informing you about these periods in the future.

I also, however, wanted to take this opportunity once again to thank everyone who has taken the time to comment on RealityChek posts. It’s been great to see how thoughtful the overwhelming majority of your reactions are, whether you agree or disagree, as well as how civil and substantive. And my apologies for any delays in responding or failures to respond on my part. As I’ve explained before, this one-man blogging operation is pretty time-consuming, but I really do value the chance to interact with everyone, and am trying my best to keep up.

In this vein, thanks so much also to everyone who’s decided to follow RealityChek. I’ll keep calling them as I see them, and I hope you will want to spread the word.

Finally, the link to my interview Tuesday night on Thom Hartmann’s RT America program is on-line. Click on this link for an intriguing discussion of the apparent tumult of the early weeks of the Trump administration, and what it could mean for the policy priorities President Trump stood for during his campaign.